Buckhead Tree Services

Tree Services

With 34 years of experience in the Atlanta area, we have built a lifetime of community roots. Buckhead Tree Services specializes in complete tree service and dedication to customer service. From tree pruning (including deadwooding, crown elevation, arbor safe pruning, pruning of hazardous limbs overhanging a house, which can cause damage and access for rodents) to complete tree removal, our crews perform with skill and precision and leave your property clean and unharmed. When stump grinding, we use self-propelled machines for gates and tight areas. We demonstrate the ultimate respect for your yard and landscape. We won’t “bobcat” your yard for a quick, but abusive, removal.

We are particularly skilled in the safe removal of dangerous trees. A tree that encroaches on your home or other property presents a potential risk for damage, either from a storm causing it to fall, or from being improperly removed. You need a tree service that can safely remove it without causing harm to home, property or landscape.

Even the most experienced crews can sometimes meet with an unexpected incident. Though this is a rare event, you can feel confident that your property is fully protected against possible damage. We carry a one million dollar general liability insurance policy to cover such an unlikely event.

We perform quality work that our customers rely upon, prompting them to recommend us to friends and neighbors. We are licensed and insured and have the commitment to excellence you can depend upon.