Buckhead Tree Services



Whether the first chilly days of autumn signal the start of the football season or the homestretch toward the end of the year and the holidays, it’s also time to start collecting a stack of wood for the fireplace. A big pile of hot burning wood is a symbol of security, hearth and home. A promise of toasty evenings with the family, and the self-sufficiency of being able to stay warm should a storm disrupt your power.

Our standard premium firewood is a mix of old growth oaks, hickory, beech and black cherry. These are the hottest burning firewood available, all from Buckhead. We can also supply special orders of pure white or red oak, hickory or cherry.

Oak and hickory are good firewoods, of course. We also offer pine firewood at a discount. There's a bias here against burning pine, since some say it'll gum up your chimney. But tell that to the folks in Manitoba, Canada, where all they burn is spruce and pine, with no problem whatsoever.

Also, as fireplace dimensions vary, your order can be length specific, within limits of course. Let us know what you require and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.


Many of our local restaurants have begun using firewood for fireburning ovens, stoves, or grills. Buckhead Tree Services sells a variety of specialty woods such as apple and pear, which are used for smoking meat, and pecan, which is what's burned in South Georgia and South Carolina for barbecue (limited availability).

We are a full service firewood retailer recycling Buckhead’s oldest hardwoods. We can deliver to your home on an as-needed basis or can schedule regular deliveries to ensure your restaurant’s productivity is never compromised.

We provide our firewood by the half cord (a pile four feet high by eight feet long by two feet thick, or enough to fill the bed of a full-size pickup when thrown in loosely) or full cord. Our service includes delivery and stacking within our delivery area.